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The Power of Prayer

St. Margaret Mary Church has been inspiring parishioners with the power of prayer for over 75 years. 


Pope Francis on The Importance of Prayer 

From the Recitation of the Angelus
Saint Peter's Square
Sunday, October 16, 2022

“We cannot live only on strong moments of prayer or occasional intense encounters … We need the daily water of prayer, we need time dedicated to God, so that he can enter into our time, into our lives.”


Read what participants in the Community of the Living God Prayer Group had to say about the joy of prayer.

The prayer meeting is inspirational. It is a time to feel the presence of Jesus. I feel peace, serenity and deeper love for god.
The Prayer Group has been a haven where I can weekly take my cares and joys. Here I also lift the cares and joys of others. 
The Prayer Group has brought me to a closer relationship the Lord. Through the personal relationships I developed with Jesus, all my sorrows turned to joy.
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