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St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church

75th Anniversary Jubilee


About the Jubilee

A Grateful, Joyful, and Hopeful Community

A Message from Father Restituto Galang

The history of St. Margaret Mary Church reminds me of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, a miracle that Jesus performed when He was preaching along with the twelve apostles.  There was one Catholic church in the Chino Valley until our church was founded in 1947.  Let us thank our Lord for the dedication, determination, and dynamism of the past generation through whom the foundation of our church was made possible.  After 75 years since the groundbreaking for our parish took place, we stand firmly and grow steadfastly. I invite you to visit our digital exhibit which serves as a testament to who we were and what we have become as a Catholic community at St. Margaret Mary Church – grateful, joyful, and hopeful.

Fr. Resti Galang


Family Portrait
Church Candles

Grateful Beginnings

On October 22, 1946, a delegation from Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared before the Chino Planning Commission with an application for zoning and construction of a new church, which would be named Saint Margaret Mary in memory of Margaret Gallican.  This church was to be the sister church of Our Lady of Guadalupe which had exceeded its capacity. Its conception was announced by Most Rev. Charles F. Buckley, Bishop of San Diego in early 1946. The first Mass was held on October 17, 1947 by Rev. Fr. Philip Watz.

Artifacts from the Past

Day in life

A Day in the Life

This gallery contains photos of the wedding of Jennie H. Guerra and Alfred Carranza on April 8, 1961.



Music Sheets and a Cross

History of the Church


Sacramental Firsts


First  Baptism

Linda Marie Deacon

October 26, 1947


William Schoneunau

Elie A. Bliabugusih

May 7, 1948

First  Wedding


First  Communion

Gerard Bootsma

May 9, 1949


Richard Peter Schmitt

October 17, 1949

First  Confirmation

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